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How to Use a Divi Discount Code - Elegant Themes

In this article I would like to introduce you one of the best page builders of 2020. I will go into the advantages but also the disadvantages of this beautiful theme. But let’s start from scratch …

What is Divi?

Divi by elegantthemes is a theme for the popular WordPress content management system. 33% of all websites now run with the CMS WordPress. The already very user-friendly WordPress is getting more powerful with Divi.

So you can create great websites without programming knowledge, without writing a line of code. This makes it possible for newcomers to create their own website.

You can also access hundreds of demo layouts . You can install these with just one click. Now all you have to do is insert your own content into the website. Finished!

The features of the Divi theme

If you look at the features list you will need a very long time. Because the features of Divi are almost endless.

Critics will now say that a theme cannot contain any functionalities. WordPress wasn’t like that at the time. And they’re a bit right too. You can find out more about this under Disadvantages.

Nevertheless, it offers you many tools to increase your conversion and make your business successful. With the built-in split testing, you can easily test which button is clicked more often.

The included plugins help you to create and integrate an email newsletter or your social links. And since the Divi Builder is also supplied as a plugin, you can equip almost any theme with the Live Frontend Editor.


Live Editor enables visual work

With the innovative Divi Builder you can work completely visually. You can use it to create your advertising website using drag and drop. You can build your website in real time and see the impact immediately. No more unnecessary saving and updating.

By creating using drag-and-drop, you can move, move, delete or copy all elements on your website. So you create websites in no time.

110 demo layouts

The 110 demo layout packs are a particular advantage. It is not just 110 styled layouts, but entire website packages. This means that for each of these 110 demo layouts, Divi also provides additional subpages.

For example, there are the yoga studio demo layouts . In addition to the start page layout, these also consist of an about page, a blog, a course subpage, a contact subpage, a landing page and a team page. So you get the whole website delivered ready.


Endless customization options

With the Divi Builder you can customize everything. And that means everything! If you’re afraid of all the options now, I can calm you down. The interface of the Divi Builder is extremely user-friendly.

Options are clearly arranged in tabs. So you don’t lose the overview. In addition, important options are shown more prominently and less important setting options are “hidden”.


Recurring content with global elements

The absolute highlight of Divi are the global elements. If you have recurring elements with the same content on your WordPress website, you can simply save a global element in your Divi library. Then you change this global element once and it will be updated across your entire website.

I haven’t found this function in any WordPress theme yet. In the past, you could only do this through programming. With Divi you can now do this without a single line of code.

Find & replace

If you are more of a friend of the search function you will love Divi . This enables you to search for options. So you forgot where to set the font? No problem! Just search for “Font” in the Divi Builder and the respective option will be shown to you immediately. This also makes it much easier to get started with it.

You can also search for certain styles and replace them with others. And across your entire website. 


Magic Color Maker

The Magic Color Maker is also a nice-to-have. The theme automatically notices which colors you have already used and saves them in quick access. So you have your personal color palette ready with one click.


Online marketing directly with the theme

The topic of online marketing was very important to the guys from elegantthemes when developing the divi theme. Therefore, in addition to the A / B test function of the Divi theme, you also get some plugins for free.

But what I find most powerful is the split testing function of Divi Leads . As already mentioned, it will be possible to examine every element of your website for the conversion rate.


Next level responsive web design

Mobile First is the buzzword. With the Divi Theme you are prepared for the next level responsive web design. In the Page Builder you can test and adapt for mobile devices with one click.

You can also hide each element on different devices. Many other great responsive features expand the Divi theme and make your website ready for the new decade.


Undo & action log

Another very practical feature is the undo function. Did you click No problem – every step can be undone in the Live Frontend Editor.

And if that’s not enough for you, every activity is logged in the Page Builder. In this activity log you can also jump to any place. This makes it possible not only to jump back a few steps, but to restore versions of your website that were days ago.


Save and export elements

In addition to the global elements, you can also save any layout element and use it on other Divi websites. You have built a great button in a customer project and would like to use it in another customer project? No problem with the Divi layout library.

And of course you can also copy and paste every design element. Regardless of whether it is a specific course or entire content sections. Copy and paste. Finished!


User roles completely adjustable

If several people are to work on the website, you can use the role editor to set the rights of the individual authors down to the smallest detail.

This is particularly helpful for larger projects. Especially if inexperienced authors should work on the website, it can happen that an author deletes the layout of a page. In the Divi Theme you can define for each user exactly which content modules they can use, whether they can change global elements or edit the page title.


Divi Discount

The payment model differs fundamentally from many price models of other themes. You always have the option to use it for as many websites as you want. Themes bought at Themeforest may only be used for one WordPress installation. This makes Divi particularly interesting for WordPress agencies.

You also have the option to purchase it for one year. Here you pay around $ 80 depending on the Divi discount. But you still get the magazine theme on top of that. There is also the Mail Marketing Plugin and Monarch – a social sharing plugin.

The really special thing is the lifetime license. You buy the Divi Theme and get updates and support all your life. The proud price of around $ 230 (depending on the discount) is certainly a deterrent at first glance. However, if you want to be represented on the long term with your website, you will end up cheaper than the annual license.



Divi is interesting for WordPress beginners and advanced users who want to get to their own website quickly and easily. If you are a developer or if you want to extremely open your WordPress installation, you will not necessarily need the Divi Theme.

As an alternative to the website builder, Divi is a serious competition. It also has the advantage that it is based on WordPress and is extremely scalable. The Divi Theme can accompany you for a long time and grow with your ideas and visions.

More About Elegant Themes Coupon Code
If you want to buy the Divi Theme, of course you want to use the cheapest possible offer. We explain the price model of Elegant Themes Divi and how you can take advantage of discount codes and discounts. If you do not want to continue reading for a long time and want to buy the Divi Theme immediately, please read the section above with divi offers and discounts.

Affordable with a Elegant Themes Coupon Code
As nice as the possibilities and options of the divi theme sound in our test : let’s come to the topic of money and the question of costs. If you want to buy the Divi Theme, this only works through membership in Elegant Themes. That may sound a bit strange, but it is a simple subscription model. This is offered in two versions (prices as of January 2020):

Divi Theme prices

1. Yearly Access:
For $ 89 a year, you get full access to all existing themes. With the Elegant Themes Coupon Code only $70. Of course, this also includes the Divi and Extra Theme including all updates and access to Premium Support. The themes can be used on an unlimited number of websites – including for customers. This also includes access to the Photoshop files associated with many themes and the plugins from Elegant Themes.

2. Lifetime Access
Lifetime Access offers everything that Yearly Access also includes. With the Elegant Themes Coupon Code only $199. The big difference is the price, which at $ 249 is about 2.8 times the $ 89 of the Yearly Access variant. But while you have to pay again every year for Yearly Access, only one payment is necessary for Lifetime Access. After that, never again and you have lifelong access to all themes and plugins created by Elegant Themes.

Just for comparison
Many other page builder manufacturers do not offer any corresponding lifetime licenses, and even if lifetime licenses are offered, the key is usually multiplied by a higher key than 2.8. Lifetime offers from other manufacturers are usually four times the annual price.

So if you are sure that you want to use the Divi Theme or other themes and plugins from Elegant Themes for more than three years, Lifetime Access already pays off.

Divi Theme for WordPress – test and experience
Divi has been my favorite WordPress premium theme for years . I officially recommend it to my customers and prospects and have also rated it positively here in the past . Time to present the theme a little more closely, or to bring my recommendation closer to you.
Sooner or later, almost everyone who works with WordPress themes will come across Divi from Elegant. This article tells you a lot about the popular PageBuilder, shows features, names advantages and gives a good overview. It is especially worth reading for beginners. With the update to version 4 a lot has happened at Divi. For this reason, this version forms the basis for the text below. Of course, this article also contains extensive basic knowledge about Divi, so that everyone has a good overview after reading and can decide whether Divi is suitable for their own needs.

Who is behind Divi?
A professional appearance on the Internet requires professional design and experts who know their way around. Good design is often very expensive and beginners in particular do not have the start-up capital to invest in this area or cannot program themselves. The company Elegant Themes closes this gap and offers professional WordPress themes for comparably very little money for a high range of services. Elegant Themes currently has more than 75 WordPress themes in its portfolio, with more being added every month. Each theme offers maximum flexibility. Logo and configuration can be customized and used for numerous websites. As a member of Elegant Themes you can use all themes and use them for as many web projects as necessary.

What does Divi offer?
Not everyone is able to program a website independently. If you still want to present your company online, you need a PageBuilder. With this, everyone can create a website according to their own ideas for WordPress. Without previous knowledge of CSS or HTML, WordPress beginners can quickly create a modern, high-quality looking website. That sounds easy and it is true. It would certainly go beyond this article to describe all functions and possibilities of Divi, which is why it is limited to the essential basics. In addition, tutorials are given in the further course of the text, in which Divi is explicitly explained. It is worth clicking on the inserted links and looking inside. This immediately makes it clear that almost all ideas can be realized with Divi.

Divi Theme 4.0
In the history of Elegant Themes, the fourth version of the theme is one of the biggest updates. Loyal divi fans as well as beginners are enthusiastic about the diverse new functions. The most important innovation is the Divi Theme Builder, which should not be confused with the long-integrated Divi Builder (Pagebuilder).

Design headers and footers with the Divi Theme Builder
It is now possible to customize elements such as footers or headers with the Theme Builder in the backend in addition to page content . Users can click together, for example, how they want to design the header of their own website. This means nothing less than the ability to completely customize a website from top to bottom. What was previously reserved for programming with the creation of completely own themes can now be done with Divi.

Good to know: Divi is designed so that the design works well in practice because the principle is intuitive.

The Divi Builder – or the interface
The Divi Builder is one of the absolute strengths of the theme. It enables pages to be created quickly and easily. Either by templates that already come with Divi or by self-made templates. They can even be saved and reused. Global elements, for example, save page binders such as contact forms centrally and are then updated across the entire website if they are changed on a single page. Elements can be separately defined responsively for desktop, tablet or smartphone. The whole thing is visually supported by the visual editor, which also enables a preview of the individual devices.

The simple graphic editor is very tidy and allows all changes on one page.

Divi’s graphical user interface

The visual editor (and also the frontend editor) is more advanced, but sometimes has a couple of tricky pitfalls. In daily work, however, I don’t want to miss him anymore.

Divi’s visual editor

Here you can find a live demo of the visual Divi Builder .

Predefined layouts enable quick page creation With ready-made templates for a wide variety of topics, you can quickly and easily build attractive pages with just a few clicks. Simply import, adapt texts and, if necessary, pictures. Finished.

Video player

More plugins and themes
Divi also gives users access to other themes and plugins (e.g. Extra Theme for Blogger or Monarch, a social sharing plugin). But here has been slimmed down significantly in recent times. It becomes clear that Elegant Themes attaches great importance to being and remain the best provider in the premium segment of the market (especially through the consistent further development of Divi). This company philosophy benefits users very well. Users benefit fully from this attitude of the company, which combines user-friendliness with a lot of transparency. And in the end, Divi can be used to create almost any imaginable website. Then why have to maintain countless other themes.

Free plugin for newsletter integration: Bloom
This additional and free Word Press plugin offers a simple and stylish solution for everyone who wants to integrate newsletter forms into their own website. The form can optionally be placed under articles, implemented and integrated within the content or displayed as a striking pop-up. Tip: The pop-up may be annoying for some visitors to the website, but it is well suited if filled email lists are required.

The E-Panel
Especially at the beginning, many webmasters rely on free WordPress themes. This is often necessary for financial reasons, but usually offers little convenience and features out of the box. Anyone who wants to work professionally and reliably is better advised with a paid theme that uses a PageBuilder.

The advantages:

Making work easier
Uniform design
reliable performance
regular updates
Support when needed
Elegant Themes combines these advantages and also scores with other features. The Divi-Builder has pictures, info boxes, sliders and much more easily built into pages.
In addition, a lot can be managed comfortably with the E-Panel. And everything looks good right from the start and looks like one piece.

Features that Elegant Themes offers in its themes and controls via the E-Panel:

General functions in each theme
Colors and design can be selected individually. This also includes the background colors, which can be individually adjusted
Each theme can also be equipped with its own logo, which is simply uploaded via the E-Panel
Pages or featured articles can be defined and can be displayed in info boxes or sliders
Layout: Various navigation elements can be set here. Users can create or customize the menus. The elements can be easily added via drag & drop or the order can be changed
Ad management: In this area, advertising spaces can be equipped with banners. Themes have default settings that only need to be filled. Banner positions are already prepared and only need to be added via code and image
Website colors: Details of the colors as well as those of the fonts or the links can be configured individually
SEO configuration: In addition to custom titles and canonical URLs, meta descriptions can also be configured
Integration: The head area of ​​a website can be conveniently adjusted here. At this point, the Google code can be integrated and inserted below and above an article
Integrated shortcodes: A lot of shortcodes are available at Elegant Themes. These are easy to use in the article. Slide shows, image sliders, info boxes, social media buttons or author information can be easily integrated
Divi and SEO
Divi does not stand in the way of search engine optimization. That’s what a good theme has to do. SEO has so many facets. From content to internal links, to navigation, expertise, etc. So that means that SEO is not first of all defined by the theme. A poorly optimized WordPress theme can be the reason why a website is barely visible in common search engines. Behind Elegant Themes is a professional and experienced development team that masters the basics of search engine optimization perfectly. The users of Divi benefit from this. Each template provides an ideal basis for a clearly visible website, since the template was developed in a search engine-optimized manner.

In combination with an SEO plugin like Yoast, you are definitely well positioned for search engine optimization.

Elegant Themes Coupon Code and the speed
Tip: PageBuilder and modular plugins can cause slight problems with the loading time. The plugins create ballast, so to speak, which can affect the loading time. For this reason, it is advisable not to overload the respective website excessively. In any case, less is more and a gain in the loading speed of a website. So do not build every conceivable feature of Divi into a subpage. All with a little sense of proportion. Then nothing stands in the way of the high-performance website. Divi also offers a couple of pagespeed options from scratch. In combination with a caching plugin, Elegant Themes Coupon Code runs at lightning speed.

Pagespeed options from Elegant Themes Coupon Code

Download and prices from Elegant Themes Coupon Code The WordPress template is easy to download from the Elegant-Themes website after becoming a member of Elegant Themes. There are also extensive options for downloading in tutorials or affiliate pages.

There are currently two options: One year or lifetime license Payment is made exclusively via PayPal. If the subscription in the annual license is not extended, the themes already downloaded can continue to be used. Only security updates and innovations are no longer available (therefore rather not recommended in the long term). Customers who choose Divi can choose from two tariffs (licenses). This is not a purchase in the traditional sense. Rather, users acquire membership. The reduction to just two licenses is very welcome, since customers benefit from all the advantages that the theme offers and only have to decide which term to choose. Instead of reading through numerous options and tariffs and trying to make comparisons, Elegant Themes makes it very easy for customers in this area and proves the sophisticated system. The customer benefits and saves time.

Refund warranty It costs nothing to try Divi from Elegant Themes. If you are not satisfied, you can cancel within 30 days and receive the money back via PayPal. A detailed test is possible during this time, so that users are effectively given a trial membership.

Advantage: No limit No matter which variant users choose. The template offers no limit or limits the frequency of use on own websites. No matter how many websites you want to use the template on. Elegant themes set no limit. In this area, Elegant Themes also differs from other providers, who often combine the tiered prices with the number of websites.

Note: Elegant Themes stands out from the mainstream in this area, makes it easier for customers to make a decision and does not get confused with a jungle of tariff options or hidden clauses. Transparency and clarity characterize the tariff structure and emphasize Elegant Themes positively.

Annual license The one-year license is available for $ 89 and includes plugins and other themes. Included in the annual license are all updates that are due this year.

Lifetime license With this variant, users have access as long as Elegant Themes is present on the market. This lifetime license is available at a one-time price of $ 249.

Or available here with a current discount of 20%

Recommendation: For beginners, the price may be high at first glance. Users who initially only opt for an annual license can book an upgrade at any time. The money already paid for the annual license is offset against the price for the lifelong version. It is very fair and customer-oriented. It is always worthwhile to pay attention to special offers in between if you are considering an upgrade.

Use of licenses for customer projects Agencies or freelancers for web design are allowed to use their own membership in Elegant Themes according to Elegant Themes Coupon Code (I specifically asked) to also equip customer projects with Elegant Themes Coupon Code. The projects receive updates via an API key. This is of course extremely attractive for the agency and customers.

Advantage of the annual license The advantage of the annual license is the price, considering that this membership includes a lifetime membership. Another advantage is the lifelong support that the Elegant Themes Coupon Code team promises and the very large community, which according to its own information currently comprises more than 600,000 users.

Theme documentation and support Divi and Extra have very detailed documentation in which all details can be read. This documentation also describes the numerous additional functions of the topic in detail, so that no questions remain unanswered and users are fully informed. A support team is available to support users via email or, even faster, via chat.

Support Forum offers help in all questions In addition, users can contact the very large community with problems or questions. This community is always highly recommended for beginners who may have questions. Experienced users in particular are happy to help beginners and support them with helpful tips. The support here works very quickly and reliably. Questions are answered after about 15 minutes and even problems with the code can be resolved promptly.

Support is also happy to give advice or tips that go beyond the standard. Advantage: Problems that arise are usually caused by the user. That is why the community is a sensible institution. Problems that arise are almost never the first to be solved. There is usually already a solution that experienced users like to share. There is a lot of solidarity in the community and the support of Elegant Themes is very helpful and friendly.

Divi.World and Elegant Themes Coupon Code Blog This option is particularly noteworthy. With Elegant Themes Coupon Code.World, the PageBuilder offers tutorials that contain tips and are presented in German. After purchasing, users can benefit from these tips. It couldn’t be easier. In the Divi blog, users regularly learn more tricks and are informed about what’s new at Elegant Themes Coupon Code. In addition, users also receive news about WordPress. In the free newsletter there are regular updates on further news. Service that convinces and makes the decision for Divi much easier.

This is what Divi offers: a summary Everything has been thought of at Elegant Themes Coupon Code. In summary, an overview of what Elegant Themes Coupon Code offers in both memberships for unlimited websites (including customer websites).

Meta description and meta title installation without additional plugin Installation of Javascipt code for tracking, AdWord and Google Analytics Installation of advertising banners Smooth scrolling Social media integration WooCommerce can be integrated for shops Google Fonts Responsive Pagespeed optimization Large menu Auto updates Elements: contact form, testimonials, videos, tabs, sliders, price tables, countdown, email optin, call to actions, galleries, counters, audio, accordion, images and cards. PageBuilder A / B tests and much more

An extract from the many modules from Elegant Themes Coupon Code

Unique feature of Elegant Themes Coupon Code: Intelligent Splitting Test (A / B Test) Divi is clever and extensive. These attributes are particularly evident in the Intelligent Splitting Test (short: A / B test). This means that the interaction with the visitor of a website is directly linked to the page design. In this context, more traffic means more sales for the website operator. Content, call to actions and positioning can be observed using the A / B test. Website operators can recognize after a certain period which of the combinations used are more effective. This makes it possible to specifically change combinations in order to increase the conversion rate. All elements can be tested and compared. The best results are then designed.

The test does not only apply to modules. The content itself or the selected colors in the footer, header or background images can also be tested. Website operators receive results for the entire design. Easy-to-understand statistics enable you to set your own goals and compare them with the statistical results. The respective test objects are sorted by color and appear with effects, so that they serve as the basis for further changes to the WordPress site. With this unique selling point, Elegant Themes Coupon Code stands out positively from the mainstream.

Black Friday and discounts In November, Black Friday offers very good offers in many areas. Those interested in Elegant Themes Coupon Code can also benefit from special offers and save money. I will point this out at the right time here on my blog .

Divi vs. Elementor Even if Elementor is an excellent PageBuilder, the cheaper option is with better performance. Elementor costs $ 199 per year. If you only need the PageBuilder for a website, you have to pay USD 49 annually. There is no lifelong membership like Divi at Elementor. Both PageBuilder combined that they are easy to install via drag & drop. At Elegant Themes Coupon, all modules are included in every paid membership. In this area Elegant Themes Coupon is to be given preference. Elementor Pro must also be purchased.

In terms of price, services and handling, Divi offers at least the same services at a lower price. Divi scores with the fact that the updates of the theme and the PageBuilder take place simultaneously. They are practically bundled. This is a clear advantage when you think about compatibility. It is not uncommon for separate themes and PageBuilder to be updated at different times and then problems to arise.

The Elementor PageBuilder

The Divi Builder can also be operated separately on other websites. Just download and install. All in all, both PageBuilders are really great. For me, Elegant Themes Coupon has the better overall package.

Divi vs. Avada Avada is suitable for almost every type of WordPress website. Unlike Elegant Themes Coupon Code, Avada only provides a tool for creating back-end pages. Working with the Fusion Builder on the backend of the website takes place in the WordPress dashboard. Although this approach works, it is less user-friendly because it is not so intuitive to use. The front-end divi builder tool is much more convincing. However, the custom page designs can still be created using the Fusion Builder.

Divi and Avada contain numerous similar elements. Avada offers various tariffs, but not a lifetime membership like Elegant Themes Coupon. Avada’s various tariffs are Standard ($ 19.99 monthly), Premium ($ 29.99 monthly), Professional ($ 39.99 monthly) and Maximum ($ 49.99 monthly). The number of websites to be used increases with each next higher bundle. In this area, Elegant Themes Coupon Code is definitely the cheaper option because there is no page limit. With the same performance, the unique selling point A / B test and the unlimited number of websites, Elegant Themes Coupon Code is probably the better option for most than Avada.

Elegant Themes Coupon Discount versus Gutenberg The Gutenberg editor has replaced the standard editor for WordPress, has been on the market since the end of 2018 and offers classic elements such as blocks or lists. Instead of the single large text field, the new editor, like a PageBuilder, relies on inElegant Themes Coupon Discountdual blocks. A block can contain a button, text, image etc. Gutenberg is not a live editor, but a backend version. Although it is an advanced content editor, it is not a PageBuilder. The basic design is based on a theme. Elegant Themes Coupon Code is already convincing here. Gutenberg’s strength lies in the large WordPress community on the Internet, although not everyone is convinced by the new WP Editor. A step in the right direction, but far from being enforced on the sheer bulk of WP installations.

The Gutenberg editor

Every developer can participate in the expansion of Gutenberg. If you compare Elegant Themes Coupon Code with Gutenberg, it soon turns out that Divi offers the much better, more extensive and reliable features, but of course it is also a little heavier. For simple websites, Gutenberg may be sufficient in combination with a theme. If it should be more comfortable and complex, Divi is clearly ahead in the standard installation.

Disadvantages of Elegant Themes Coupon Code Even after a thorough and critical examination, there are hardly any disadvantages. That’s why Elegant Themes Coupon Code from Elegant Themes is highly recommended. If you want to complain about something, then the sometimes a bit choppy front-end editor. But that’s really whining at the highest level.

Conclusion on Elegant Themes Coupon Code The price-performance ratio of Elegant Themes Coupon Code is very good. Instead of mainstream, membership in Elegant Themes gives you a high degree of customization options and plenty of scope for creative ideas. Elegant Themes Coupon Code offers unique features such as the A / B test: Even beginners can easily see how the website can be optimized. This option is also an advantage for agencies. No matter whether for beginners or professionals. With Divi you have a reliable tool that is user-friendly.

For beginners who start with Divi, it is easy to create your own Word Press page. Without programming knowledge, even beginners can realize individual projects that appear professional. There is hardly a better way to present yourself on the Internet promptly and without programming knowledge. Divi presents an intuitive user interface that is easy to use for everyone. Instead of mainstream, Elegant Themes Coupon offers maximum individuality.

In addition to the low price, it offers fair conditions and relies on transparency. You won’t find any hidden clauses that cause costs. Unfortunately, this is not always the case in the area of ​​PageBuilder. The affiliate sites are interesting, with which those interested can save even more. In any case, it is worth clicking on the links given above. It can be used for almost any project and rightly inspires over 640,000 users.

The support is very extensive, and the documentation already covers every area very well. The loading speed of the page is not affected by the Builder. Operation is as simple as possible and can be done by everyone using drag & drop. There are no disadvantages, so the pagebuilder is highly recommended. The money-back guarantee means that everyone can try out the tool and actually get the money back. Without justification and far-reaching explanations.

A particular advantage is that the themes and plugins that were used in the one-year membership are still available. A company can hardly treat customers more fairly. Elegant Themes Coupon Code combines performance, an affordable price, fairness with support and constant improvements. Therefore, the PageBuilder is highly recommended. Elegant Themes Coupon Code offers responsive design. As a result, the website is equally accessible on mobile devices.

How good is the Divi Builder?

In our Review we will explain if the Page Builder is really the best worldwide and also list the various features of it.

Divi Discount Code & Elegant Themes Coupon800+ Pre-made Designs ready to use.

The main features of the Divi Theme:

  • Drag & Drop Building
  • True Visual Editing
  • Custom CSS Control
  • Responsive Editing
  • Dozens of Options
  • Undo, Redo, & Revisions

If you don’t know Divi yet, you’re late to the party. Let me explain what it is. It’s a mega WordPress theme that allows you to design anything you can imagine. If you want your website to have a specific design, you can do it with the new 4.0 version without much difficulty.

It is designed for people who do not want to make designs from scratch. With this WordPress Page Builder it is not necessary to do layout in PSD, convert to HTML, and then integrate the WordPress code. It saves you all that work, and that is because it includes a visual Drag & Drop builder, commonly known as the Divi Builder, that allows you to add any type of element and drag and drop it to wherever you like within the page you are designing. It’s that simple.

Advantages of using Elegant Themes Divi

You can change anything you want with the Builder.

  • It is very simple to use.
  • It has been translated into many languages.
  • It has a live editing mode without you having to switch to Preview to see how it looks.
  • It allows you to realize the design for desktop, mobile and tablet PCs. It is totally responsive. You can make some elements appear only on one type of device and not on the rest.
  • You can make professional designs without knowing HTML or CSS.
  • Advanced users can customize the HTML or CSS of each element.
  • It has a Library so you can reuse designs in several pages or entries without having to design them again.
  • It allows you to export configurations of any element in JSON so you can import it on another website or from the development environment to the production environment.
  • It is 100% compatible with WooCommerce.
  • Compatible with CloudFlare CDN.
  • Compatible with Let’s Encrypt SSL certificates.
  • Compatible with PHP 7.

How to buy Divi?

You already know what Divi is, and you may be almost convinced that you want to buy this magnificent template. Thankfully, you can try the free live demo on the Elegant Themes website if you need that extra push.

I played around with the demo until I was confident enough to pay money for it. Then I purchased the 1-year plan to see how I was doing and if I could really take advantage of it.

Elegant Themes pricing is really simple: You either choose the yearly subscription or the 1-Time fee.

During that year I started using Divi on my personal blog and then I used it on some of my clients’ websites. Because of the positive feedback it got from my clients as well as from me, I decided to extend my subscription to the lifetime license. Although it seems like a lot of money, you will see that it is the best investment you can make.

To buy it you just have to go to the Elegant Themes website  and click on the button you will see labelled “Join Today” or “Sign Up Today”. But you’d be doing me a huge favor if you went through my affiliate link for Elegant Themes. I get a small commission for recommending a client. The price remains the same for you, so I encourage you to use the following link to buy it.

The Divi Theme is a solid Page Builder for WordPress with a lot of updates and thousands of possibilities to design your dream website.